Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Everybody Else Does When It Comes To Bullying And What You Should Do Different

When bullying stretches its ugly head and seems to wow for attention, most of the world population looks the other way. The only time that the world truly cares about bullying is when it is about to lose something.
Rarely do you interfere when a husband and wife are having a fight. Especially if the man is huge and mean looking and if you dare even look in his direction he would shift his cruelty to you. There have been some brave souls and you read about them on the nightly news as victims. So we have been punished by taking any action to helping others. Now, if the cops are nearby they may take some action if there are enough of them to go around, and their guns are bigger.
Others just look the other way. If it is a child that is bullying another child, and it is not your child being bullied you look the other way. You do not want to have the wrath of that child on your back. When an employee is being bullied and you are the boss, you may respond if the person who is doing the bullying is smaller, not so outspoken, poorly educated.
Generally, we allow spots of bullying in our society, we hope that it will correct itself, or that the person being bullied will wake up and fight back. There are many services to help out the employee, the Human Resources Department or Personnel. Do not hold back from writing letters to those departments and to the boss. Maintain a track record and the next stop is the Civil Rights Commission. An employee does not have to put up with bullying of any kind.
We allow bullying to happen and flourish in our society. It is only when it comes knocking on our door that we react and fight back or tell someone.
It is all about size, or power and being outspoken. It is not one gender over the other. Even though the male has been given much attention today. Bullies come in all shapes, sizes and packages.
Bullying in school is quite remarkable in that you do have defense mechanisms in place, like the teacher, administrators, counselors, coaches and other school officials. You would think that a person being bullied or their parents would use those services.
The only reason that they are not using them is due to fear or what may happen to them if the bully hears about it. There has to be much more said about bullying and bullies in our schools. Parents can be bullied as well by students and the students parents.
At work is a very different story because you can quit and lose you financial support and not be able to pay your bills. Work has its safety nets as mentioned earlier.
In a nutshell, one should seek outside advice, and use all the uses that are provided by the industry. You can always go to the media and shout out your situation. Documentation of everything and keeping a good track record is important. Defending yourself at all costs is a must.
Purchasing weapons if you feel the need for your protection. Making sure that you home is fully protected and has video recording device at hand. Make sure you do not go this alone. Tell family, friends and love ones about what you are facing.

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